Ananda Zaren presented a few splendid seminars in the Homeopathic Centre in Hechtel, Belgium. In my opinion she is one of the superior teachers in homeopathy today. Undoubtedly, she gave us a positive impulse concerning case taking, namely the discovery of the 'central pathology'. Her unique and extraordinary way of teaching is very valuable for homeopaths who want to study and practice homeopathy thoroughly.

Alfons Geukens, M.D.,
Director of the Center for Homeopathy
Hechtel, Belgium

In just a short time Ananda's teaching has immensely improved my understanding of case analysis, prescribing, and long term case management.

A.J. Rice, M.D.

Ananda Zaren teaches at a high level based on very sensitive casetaking, profound knowledge of materia medica, and over sixteen years of clinical experience.

William Shefin, M.D., D.Ht.
President of the Board of Directors of the
National Center for Homeopathy, Connecticut

We are very fortunate that Ananda Zaren is offering classes in the United States. This is an opportunity that no serious homeopath would want to miss. Ananda has an uncanny ability to reveal the inner aspect of a persons essence and were the vital force has become limited. She will no doubt advance the quality of classical homeopathic prescribing in this country.

Jeff Lester, D.O.

My exposure to Ananda, her methodology, and her insightful ability to penetrate the center of a case, has translated into a tangible benefit in my practice of homeopathy. I recommend her courses to any serious student of homeopathy.

Don Rich, M.D.

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